How to get to Nea Plagia from the airport of Thessaloniki

How to get to Nea Plagia from the airport of Thessaloniki

Transfer from Thessaloniki airport to Halkidiki.

Halkidiki is one of the most popular destinations in Greece.

Thousands of tourists land every year at Makedonia airport in Thessaloniki, with the aim of
visiting Halkidiki. The prefecture of Halkidiki is divided into 5 large municipal units, so the
cost of transportation varies depending on where the visitor’s final destination is. In any
case, the transport options are car rental, taxis, buses and minibuses

Minibuses from Thessaloniki airport to Halkidiki.

Minibuses are one of the most economical transport options, but certainly not the most
reliable. They are not flexible and sometimes you have to wait a long time at the airport for
the minibus to fill up with the rest of the passengers you share it with.

Another disadvantage is that most of the time, a lot of time is lost, as the bus does not take
you directly to your destination, but passes through other places in order to drop off the
other passengers.

Despite this, if you want to go to Nea Plagia or Nea Flogita, it is possible to arrive first, since
Nea Plagia, Nea Flogita, Sozopoli and Nea Kallikratea are the destinations that are very close
to the airport. From the airport to Halkidiki by taxi. Outside the airport arrivals there is
always a large line of taxis that are ready to take you comfortably and quickly to any
destination in Halkidiki you wish. The total cost of the route, as well as the time you will
need to reach your destination, depends on the final destination.

In a very general approach to get to Nea Plagia or Nea Flogita the taxi ride takes 30 minutes
and costs 50 euros. To reach the first leg of Halkidiki (Kallithea, Athyto) you will need 60
minutes and the cost is 100 euros, while to reach the second leg you will need 90 minutes
and it costs 130 euros. During the night these prices are increased by 30%.

At Kochyli Studios we have many years of cooperation with reliable partners always ensuring
the lowest prices.

From the airport in Halkidiki by bus.

There are no direct buses from the airport to Halkidiki. For this reason, if you want to be

transferred to Halkidiki by bus, you will have to take city bus 79A or 79B from the stops
located right outside the arrivals of the airport and head to the KTEL Halkidiki station.

At this station you will find routes for every village and destination of Halkidiki. The cost of
the city bus 79 from the airport to KTEL station is about 1 euro and the time to get there is
14 minutes. From KTEL the route to Nea Plagia or Nea Flogita takes about 1 hour and costs
around 6 euros.

It is better to book tickets online in advance at the following address: https://ktel-
chalkidikis.gr and not at the station, because tickets usually run out quickly during the
tourist season. In the KTEL online address you can find information about routes and prices.

Car rental from Thessaloniki airport in Halkidiki.

But if your priority is flexibility, renting a car is the best solution. All the major car rental
companies are located at Thessaloniki airport, so you can rent any type of car you want at
competitive prices. The time it takes to reach Nea Plagia is 30 minutes, on the first leg 1 hour
and on the second about 1.5 hours.

Transportation within Nea Plagia.

Kochyli Beach Studios are first on the sea and Kochyli Garden Studios are located 150 meters
from the beach in the center of the settlement so you will not need any means of transport
here. Also, in 5 minutes of walking you can find a supermarket, pharmacy, taverns, cafes and
anything else you want. Also, the fact that our village does not have steep ups and downs
makes it pleasant and friendly for seaside walks.

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