Restaurant menu

Fish soup
8,00 €

Soup with fresh fish, vegetables and lemon

Cold Appetizers (Spreads)
4,00 €

The famous traditional Greek yogurt with cucumber, garlic, olive oil, vinegar and dill

Split Peas (Fava)
4,50 €

Spread of split peas from Santorini with caramelized onions

Cheese Spread of Volos
4,50 €

Cheese spicy cream with red and chili pepper and olive oil

Pâté of Fish Roe (Taramas)
5,00 €

White Taramas of fish roe of Vakalaou

Eggplant Spread
4,00 €

Mixed eggplant with olive oil, vinegar and red pepper

3,50 €

Variety of local olives of Chalkidiki

Feta Cheese
4,00 €

Greek Feta cheese with olive oil and oregano

Talagani Cheese
5,50 €

The famous Greek cheese on the grill served with chutney of red pepper

Salty Fish (…to combine with ouzo)
Smoked Μackerel
6,50 €

Smoked mackerel fillet warmed up on the grill, served with onion and vinegar

Marinated Hornbeam
5,00 €

Fillet of fresh hornbeam with vinegar, oil and herbs

Salted Mackerel
6,50 €

Fillet of salted mackerel with olive oil, much dill and lemon

Stripes of Mackerel
5,50 €

One of the most common salted fish fillet that Greeks use to combine with ouzo

Hot Appetizers
Stuffed Rolls with Feta Cheese
6,00 €

Greek Feta in crispy pastry served with homemade olive jam

Cheese Rolls
6,00 €

Fried sticks of mixed cheeses with homemade forest fruits jam

Grilled Pleurotus Mushrooms
6,50 €

Grilled mushrooms with green salad and balsamic cream

Grilled Octopus
13,00 €

A grilled leg from octopus with olive oil and vinegar (app. 100 gr)

Split Peas (Fava) with Octopus
7,50 €

The popular split peas from Santorini with octopus

Grilled Vegetables
8,00 €

Peppers, zucchinis, eggplants, mushrooms served with cream of white balsamic

French Fries
4,50 €

Fresh fried potatoes from Greek producers

Fried Zucchini
5,50 €

Crunchy slices of zucchini with tzatziki

Grilled Feta
5,50 €

With tomato, green chili pepper, thyme and olive oil

Grilled Eggplant
5,50 €

With Feta cheese, tomato, garlic and parsley

Green Hot Chili Pepper
2,00 €

On the grill with olive oil and vinegar

Hot Octopus Salad
11,50 €

Greek octopus with baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves and capers

Cretan Rusk
7,50 €

The Cretan salad with rusks, fresh tomato, herbs and mousse of feta cheese on the top 

Kochyli Salad
10,00 €

Mixed green leafs with cherry tomatoes, caramelized onions, walnuts and parmesan in a tortilla nest

Greek salad
8,50 €

Tomato, cucumber, onion, Feta cheese, olives and olive oil

10,00 €

Iceberg, bacon, cherry tomatoes, crouton and grilled chicken

Tomato and Cucumber Salad
5,00 €

Cucumber, tomato, onion and olive oil

Risotto and Pasta
Risotto with Seafood
14,50 €

Shrimp bisque, octopus, shrimps and calamari with parmesan

Risotto with Mushrooms
15,00 €

Variety of mushrooms, with cream of white truffle, parmesan and white truffle oil

Greek pasta with Shrimps (Kritharoto)
15,50 €

Greek pasta the size of barley with shrimp bisque, garlic and parsley

Linguini with Salmon
14,00 €

Smoked salmon with vodka sauce, tomatoes sherry and dill

Pasta with Shrimps
15,50 €

Linguini with shrimps without shell, shrimp bisque and tomato sauce, Feta cheese, olive oil and butter

8,50 €

Linguini with mince meet and cheese

8,50 €

With egg and bacon

7,50 €

Linguine with tomato sauce and cheese

Pennes with chicken a la crème
7,50 €

Perfect choice for children

Grilled Calamari
15,00 €

Whole big calamari marinated in soy sauce and garlic

Fried Calamari
8,00 €

Soft small calamaris fished from our seas

Fried Hornbeam
7,00 €

Fresh small fried fish

Grilled Sardines
7,50 €

Fresh sardines on the grill served with olive oil, parsley and lemon

Fresh Fried Red Mullet
14,50 €

Mussels with Shell
7,50 €

with wine, mustard and garlic

Mussels Saganaki
8,00 €

Boiled mussels without shell in white mustard sauce with chili pepper and Feta cheese

Fried Shrimps
60,00 / kg €

Medium size fried shrimps

Shrimps on the Grill
60,00 / kg €

Grilled shrimps with garlic paste, olive oil and lemon

Shrimps with Tomato Sauce
60,00 / kg €

An excellent recipe of tomato sauce and ouzo which designates the taste of the shrimps

Sea Bream 500 gr
16,00 €

Fresh juicy fish on the grill

Sea Bass 500 gr
17,00 €

Grilled fresh fish

Stone Bass Fillet 300 gr
18,00 €

with aromatic lemon rice

Dishes with Meat
11,00 €

Beef mince with herbs, without bread, butter and rice

Chicken Fillet
9,50 €

On the grill with rice. You could also add cream with mushrooms 2,00€

10,00 €

Juicy beef mince on a puffy brioche with tomato and lettuce. You can choose between caramelized onions and barbeque sauce or mustard mayonnaise and bacon

Small Pork Steaks
9,50 €

Pieces of meat without bone accompanied with French fries and mustard dip

Big Pork Steak
15,50 €

A big steak with bone (app. 700 gr) with French fries and green salad

13,00 €

A big Souvlaki with pork fillet, French fries, green salad and dip tzatziki

Chicken Souvlaki
9,00 €

Chicken souvlaki on pita accompanied with fresh French fries and mustard and mayonnaise sauce

Greek Beef Steak 500 gr.
18,50 €

With baby potatoes, butter, thyme and vegetables

8,50 €

Classic brownie with juicy chocolate in the middle, served with excellent ice cream with vanilla from Madagascar

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