What will you eat in Greece

What will you eat in Greece

Short guide to Greek cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine with a distinct character.

Greek cuisine is one of the most famous worldwide. It is characterized as Mediterranean, as
it has characteristics that all the countries that are bathed by the Mediterranean Sea have,
while what distinguishes it is the various and distinct tastes. Thanks to its climate and fertile
land, Greece produces high quality raw materials.

The treasures of Halkidiki.

Olives and olive oil are at the top of the list of excellent goods produced in Greece, with
Halkidiki standing out for its products and actually exporting them to many countries.
However, it is not only olives and olive oil that Halkidiki is famous for, as it produces an
abundance of premium goods such as honey, seasonal vegetables and fruits, whole-fresh
fish and seafood, local meats, authentic cheeses… These are just some of the treasures of
the Greek land that are mentioned as the list is inexhaustible.

The best cuisine in the world (after Italian of course).

Every place in Greece produces something special. By extension the dishes made with such
raw materials excite whoever tries them. Although these are simple dishes, they charm with
their homemade deliciousness and the perfume of oregano, thyme, lemon and extra virgin
olive oil. The Greek salad is a constant value in the preference of consumers because the
fresh aromatic tomatoes with Feta cheese and olive oil give an incredible taste that is etched
in everyone’s memories together with the Greek summer and the incredible beaches of

Mussels steamed with wine and lemon, tzatziki with fresh dill and olive oil are just a few
examples that prove that the taste is hidden in the simplicity of the recipes and the quality
of raw materials. It is no coincidence that Greek cuisine with its pies and Santorini fava
beans is in second place in the list of the best cuisines in the world in the catalog of World
Taste Atlas. Here we have to say that the first place is held by Italian cuisine, followed by
Greece and Spain.

Kitchen with many faces.

Greek cuisine is a kaleidoscope of flavors from the regions of Greece. The cuisine of Halkidiki
has a special character due to many cultural influences over the centuries.

Local traditional cuisine from the old native populations, unique monastic recipes from the
monks of the monasteries of Agios Oros and naturally oriental dishes made by the refugees
of the Propontis, Asia Minor, Pontus and Cappadocia.

There is no table without appetizers.

What will you definitely find on the Greek table? But first of all appetizers! Beautiful and
delicious appetizers in small plates that impress with their different and intense flavors.
Salted products, taramas, tzatziki, fava beans, octopus, grilled cheeses, mussels, small fried
fish and much, much more… these appetizers accompany ouzo or tsipouro.

They are served in small quantities to whet your appetite and prepare you for the main
courses, while allowing you to open the big philosophical conversations with your company.

In Greek a common expression is “shall we go for ouzo?” meaning that they will sit around
the same table, they will talk, they will laugh, they will complain, they will shout and they
will share the same food, the appetizers that will be placed in the middle of the table for
everyone to reach. In the end they will split the bill or fight over who pays.

It is also never missing from the Greek table the fresh bread from the neighborhood bakery.
The daily concern of every family is to go through the oven to get the day’s bread.

It smells like the sea.

However, summer Greek cuisine is not complete without fresh and delicious seafood. Fried
or grilled calamari, octopus, steamed or saganaki mussels, shrimps, koutsomoures, various
fresh fish from the open sea with a rich taste….The more you write or read, the hungrier you
get! This delicious taste together with the freshness of a green salad with sweet and sour
dressing or a Greek salad with fresh aromatic tomatoes, together with fried zucchini
accompanied by a sparkling Greek white or rosé wine, in a tavern next to the sea… These
make you love Greek cuisine!

Another beautiful tradition.

At Halkidiki there is another beautiful tradition in taverns they will usually treat you to some
kind of sweet after your meal. Don’t imagine any gourmet dessert, but some homemade
recipe made with love.

These and many other delicacies of Halkidiki, together with the sincere smiles of its open-
hearted people, are a reason to visit Halkidiki again and again!

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